The Platform

  • MS Office 365 compatible
  • Creates digital educational institutions
  • Desktop & mobile
  • White labeled
  • Customizes metrics and creates stunning reports
  • Module builder
  • Course builder
  • Stitch courses to create curricula
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The Features

  • Digital Learning Center
  • Registrar integration
  • Rolling enrollment
  • Course catalog
  • Gradebook
  • Customizable competencies and assessments
  • Student Portfolio
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The Services

  • Organizational consulting: design LMS to reflect ethos of organization
  • Course adaptation for digital deployment
  • Innovation Think Tank: receive fully packaged courses ready for implementation
  • Test prep
  • Content
  • Technical support


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Led by Learning


"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge."

- Tuli Kupferberg

Why We Are

The story of IBU is the story of all
of us educators.

Our recent experience in a global pandemic has exposed the limitations of an approach to education that was created for another time, another world.

We are devoted to designing educational solutions for the future visionaries of our planet. Our learning management system sits in your MS365 tenant. This provides students with an authentic connection to the applications used by employers in every industry. We view distance learning as a call to mastery, autonomy, and purpose, which is why our designs are centered around the learner and their place within an educational and professional community.


As educators we feel like novices these days as the imposed physical distance is changing our setting. Being physically separated, we may not be available to guide learners when they need it most.

Easy to use course and module builders, customizable assessments, and built-in a gradebook frees up time for educators to personalize instruction and further connect with students. By streamlining content, grading, and administrative tasks, we create opportunities for much deeper mentorship through communication and collaboration tools.


Social interaction is imperative in education. A socially supportive learning environment is crucial in defining the collaborative learning process. Indeed, we view distance learning as a way to enhance social interactions.

Our LMS provides a richer and more genuine interaction among learners and educators. We maximize your MS365 investment by leveraging built in social communication and interaction tools to facilitate collaboration.


Technology inequality is pervasive worldwide. Mobile platforms must be simple & agile, and mobile devices need to be readily available & accessible. Digital Equity is necessary for civic and cultural participation, closing the income gap, closing the opportunity gap, and gaining access to essential services.

We pride ourselves in a robust and agile mobile platform. One that helps dissolve the technology barrier to learning. It is content agnostic, which means virtually any content can be loaded without the need for additional storage. Our LMS is the most complete and cost effective platform on the market.


Ineffective distance learning can lead to computer vision syndrome. The excessive screen time is not, however, necessarily an inherent consequence of distance learning, on the contrary. The type and quality of the material on the screen is the problem

Our LMS brings additional modern features such as Stream, Sway, and Delve to increase productivity, ease of use, and ultimately student engagement. These are combined with traditional tools such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to make your output easier and more efficient. Rather than bringing the world to the classroom, the world BECOMES the classroom.

Led by Learning